The Luke Stambouliah business and website is owned and operated by Luke Stambouliah (ABN: 70 890 736 085), TEL: (+61) 418 206 897 (Luke). 

You must agree to these terms and conditions before booking your headshots. If you are booking on behalf of a minor, you must agree to the terms and conditions on behalf of the minor, and confirm that you are at least 18 years old and the legal guardian of the minor. 

Luke may terminate your booking without refund in event of a breach of any of these terms and conditions.


  1. Luke has developed a distinctive and admired photographic style. Please review Luke's work product at his website to confirm that Luke's style suits your requirements. Luke cannot modify his style at client request.
  2. Luke photographs headshots for people only, which are captured in colour, unless otherwise agreed.  
  3. All booked appointments will start and end as scheduled. 
  4. All bookings must take place online on the Luke Stambouliah website at or via email to
  5. Luke provides all services from his studio located at 269 Stoney Creek Road, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Australia
  6. Luke may agree to travel to another location at your request. Any services requiring travel will be subject to further fees and further terms and conditions.
  7. Luke will provide an accurate representation as to your appearance and mood on the day. Luke will offer a single retouch to your main headshot within 6 months of you receiving your disk. A retouch is limited to correcting minor blemishes and grading colours only.  More substantial changes such as a change of background or outfit will require additional fees and may also require a reshoot. 
  8. Following payment, Luke will mail a disk to you via standard post which will contain your headshots. Luke requests you to provide your own USB to your photoshoot unless you’re satisfied with receiving the shots on disk.
  9. Any issues which may occur with your own USB such as damage to the device, or other inability to access the digital images on the disc or USB, are your responsibility. Luke requests that you check your USB beforehand to assure its operability. 
  10. Any delivery requests for your headshots outside of what is offered at (1.8) will be subject to further fees and further terms and conditions. 

2. Payment

  1. Photoshoot fees found on Luke's website may change at any time. Once your photoshoot has been booked, Luke's fees for the shoot are confirmed. 
  2. Luke requests that payment be completed prior to or on the day of your photoshoot and preferably be in cash. If a cash payment on the day is not possible, Luke will accept direct electronic transfer 3 business days prior to your booking, including a receipt of the transfer. 
  3. All fees are non-refundable.

3. How to reschedule or cancel your booking 

  1. At any time leading up to the 24 hours prior to your scheduled photoshoot, either Luke or yourself may reschedule the photoshoot without penalty.
  2. To reschedule you must 
    1. email Luke at or
    2. telephone Luke at (+61) 418 206 897, and speak with Luke. Reschedule messages left on Luke's voice mail will not be effective or accepted.  
  3. Luke will reschedule your photoshoot by sending you an email or sms to the contact details you have provided to Luke.
  4. Any reschedules or cancellations within the 24 hours prior to your photoshoot will require full payment as set out in your booking email. 
  5. Luke may waive the cancellation fee or may require a reschedule within the 24 hour window in the event circumstances such as family emergencies, if Luke or you are unwell (contagious), or if weather conditions on the day are poor. 

4. What to expect at your photoshoot 

  1. Photoshoots largely take place inside Luke's home studio in natural light, or in a nearby outdoor area.
  2. You may be photographed indoors or outdoors depending on weather conditions on the day, as well as your and Luke's own preferences. 
  3. No smoking, alcohol or drugs are permitted at any time during your photoshoot. Luke can cancel your photoshoot without refund if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  4. Any personal items brought with you to your photoshoot are your own responsibility. Luke will not take responsibility for any forgotten, stolen or damaged items. 
  5. Each booking will run for one hour, starting and finishing as scheduled, regardless of the timing of your arrival. For example, if you arrive 10 minutes late and are not able to start on time, the photoshoot will only allow for 50 more minutes. Luke asks you arrive on time as capturing a great image can take time and will allow you to take full advantage of your photoshoot. 
  6. Ensure you do not come with any distractions such as children or animals, as Luke requires your full focus in order to achieve the photos you desire. 
  7. For the entirety of the photoshoot, both yours and Luke's conduct must be professional. Luke will cancel your photoshoot without refund if he feels you have acted unprofessionally. 
  8. During your photoshoot, you will have access to designated rooms and facilities only (for example, the bathroom). Luke requests you respect his premises at all times. 

5. What to wear?

  1. Luke specialises in photography only. Hair and makeup services will not be provided but is recommended in order for you to receive the photographs that you may desire. If necessary, all grooming requirements should be completed 2 hours prior to arriving at your photoshoot. Luke suggests hair and makeup be neat and natural and believes that "less is more".
  2. Luke welcomes you to try a couple of looks on the day. Luke advises against large or overly distracting prints. Plain neutral colours or colours darker than your skin tone are recommended.  

6. Collection of personal information?

Luke collects and retains personal information about you such as your name, address, billing information and other information related to his services. You agree that Luke will share your personal information to relevant third party service providers who work with Luke. Third party service providers include but are not limited to contractors such as makeup artists, studio assistants, and internet hosts that allow Luke to provide his services. Collected personal information may from time to time be accessed by Luke and or stored on IT services located outside of Australia. 

7. Ownership of your headshots 

  1. Once full payment is made for your headshots and Luke's work completed, the headshots belong to you.  
  2. You agree that Luke may use copies of your photographs in association with his business for promotional purposes.
  3. Copyright and moral rights to the photographs remains with Luke Stambouliah. 

8. Limitation of Liability 

Luke's liability for all claims of loss or damages related to this agreement will not exceed the total amount paid by you to Luke.

9. Which laws will apply? 

Luke's terms and conditions are governed by the laws in place in New South Wales, Australia. By creating a booking with Luke, you accept and submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New South Wales. 

10. Changes to these terms and conditions

Luke may change the terms and conditions from time to time without notice to you. If you have booked with Luke on a previous occasion, Luke requests that you review the latest version of terms and conditions to familiarise yourself with any changes, as it will be the most recent version of the terms and conditions upon which your photoshoot will be booked.